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    Picture Maran Chicks

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    £25 Horncastle Lincolnshire More info

    Maran Chicks

    Horncastle Lincolnshire

    For sale 4 unsexed maran chicks.5weeks old £25 the lot.
    1 week, 5 days ago in Preloved

    Picture A Young Maran

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    £5 More info

    A Young Maran

    Advert Description: A have a young male maran for sale he is just a normal maran cockerel but i have four hens bu i am looking for a non related male maran
    1 week, 3 days ago in Pets4Homes

    Picture Trio Of Chicken

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    £40 Leigh Surrey More info

    Trio Of Chicken

    Leigh Surrey

    Hen are buff oppington cross maran been laying 3 month daily. Crockral is lavender bantum,kind lovley nature comes with small ark.
    3 days, 7 hours ago in Preloved

    Picture Chicks for sale

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    £3 Rhymney NP22 5QJ Gwent More info

    Chicks for sale

    Rhymney NP22 5QJ Gwent

    I have 7 cuckoo maran chicks a day old. £3 each. Category: Buy & Sell > Pets > Livestock > Chickens > Other (ID77bgs).
    01/07/2014 in Freeads

    Picture Chickens for Sale!

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    On Request Market Rasen Lincolnshire More info

    Chickens for Sale!

    Market Rasen Lincolnshire

    ...dependant on age and breed. I have Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, Maran, Light Sussex and Welsummer. Please ring me if interested/ for more information.
    23/06/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Variety of chicks for sale

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    £5 Sheffield S13 8UN South Yorkshire More info

    Variety of chicks for sale

    Sheffield S13 8UN South Yorkshire

    15 days old on 9/7/14 2 lavender aracaunas 1 white leghorn, 1 cuckoo maran x 1 rhode island red x they are all fed growers pellets They will be going outside...
    22/06/2014 in Freeads

    Picture Various Chicks for Sale & Light Sussex Hatching...

    1 Pictures

    On Request Aylsham Norfolk More info

    Various Chicks for Sale & Light Sussex Hatching Eggs

    Aylsham Norfolk

    Large Fowl chicks including Light Sussex, Brahma and Cuckoo Maran, pure breed and 1st crosses, all of which will make ideal farmyard and garden chickens, all...
    13/06/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Chickens

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    £10 Pontyclun CF72 9QP Glamorgan More info


    Pontyclun CF72 9QP Glamorgan

    Point of lay hens for sale 9 Breeds, INC Blue Bell, Black Maran, Sussex, Cotswold Legbars Warrens ETC ALSO HATCHING EGGS and day old chicks Category: Buy &...
    24/03/2014 in Freeads

    Picture Hybrids Chickens / Hens for Sale

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    £20 Dorchester Dorset More info

    Hybrids Chickens / Hens for Sale

    Dorchester Dorset

    ...already Laying and others at point of lay. Very Healthy. £15.20 depending on breed. Blubell, Black rock, Windy ridge, copper black, Light Sussex, Dotty Maran.
    02/03/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Chick, Chickens, Ducks and Hatching Eggs.

    1 Pictures

    On Request Tavistock Devon More info

    Chick, Chickens, Ducks and Hatching Eggs.

    Tavistock Devon

    French Copper Maran. Blue/black/splash Bantam Wyandotte. Silver Laced Runner Ducks. Blue, (Bali) Apricot, (Bali) white, fawn and white. Call Ducks. Chocolate.
    08/09/2013 in Preloved

    Picture Ambers, Copper Blacks, Coucous and Blacktail...

    1 Pictures

    £16 Ashford Greater London More info

    Ambers, Copper Blacks, Coucous and Blacktail Rangers

    Ashford Greater London

    Available NOW Copper Black Maran base hybrid producing very high quality eggs, a large percentage being dark brown. Available NOW French Maran based hybrid. A...
    17/09/2013 in Preloved

    Picture Free Cockeral's

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    On Request Doncaster South Yorkshire More info

    Free Cockeral's

    Doncaster South Yorkshire

    We have andalucian, cuckoo maran, silver sussex, white silky's, bantam light sussex, rhode island red, jersey giant's and many more if you want to...
    08/09/2013 in Preloved

    Picture Pol Hybrid Chickens. Vaccinated

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    On Request Tenterden Kent More info

    Pol Hybrid Chickens. Vaccinated

    Tenterden Kent

    Maran cuivree. Lovely looking girls. Laying.lovely dark brown eggs. White stars. Laying large white eggs. Speckledy (laying a speckled egg). Skyline,an...
    08/12/2013 in Preloved

    Picture Pure Breed Chickens for Sale

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    On Request Owslebury Hampshire More info

    Pure Breed Chickens for Sale

    Owslebury Hampshire

    Pure Breed Chickens for Sale Cream Crested Legbar Light Sussex French Maran (blue) (Splash) Rhode Island Red Cross breeds a few available Prices from £20
    15/12/2013 in Preloved

    Picture Chickens for Sale

    1 Pictures

    £10 Blackpool Lancashire More info

    Chickens for Sale

    Blackpool Lancashire all ages available from day olds to piont of lay prices from £5 to £14 various breeds warren, blackrock, light sussex, maran, bluebells, white leghorn.
    11/01/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Pure Breed Chicken Hatching Eggs Pekin Silkie...

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    On Request Great Yarmouth Norfolk More info

    Pure Breed Chicken Hatching Eggs Pekin Silkie Sablepoot

    Great Yarmouth Norfolk

    ...Silver lace Wyandotte Light sussex / speckled sussex Large Fowl Welsummer and Copper black maran and several different colour brahmas other breeds available
    01/02/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Hatching Eggs for Sale

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    On Request Ilminster Somerset More info

    Hatching Eggs for Sale

    Ilminster Somerset

    Deep red/brown egg Buff Sussex Light Sussex Black Orpington Gold Laced Orpington French Copper Maran. Deep brown egg Speckled Sussex The picture shows a...
    11/02/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Pure Breed Large Fowl and Bantam Chickens and...

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    £25 Adisham Kent More info

    Pure Breed Large Fowl and Bantam Chickens and Ducks

    Adisham Kent

    Wide selection of large fowl chickens incl Orpington, Welsummer, Wyandotte, Maran, Sussex, Leghorn and bantams incl Pekin, Poland, Wyandotte and Sablepoot...
    03/02/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Marans Hatching Eggs for Sale

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    £1 Clitheroe Lancashire More info

    Marans Hatching Eggs for Sale

    Clitheroe Lancashire

    I am a registered member of the marans club uk.who specializes in various maran strains. # very dark egg strain, english cuckoo marans. # bearded blue silkies...
    16/02/2014 in Preloved

    Picture Chicken Keeping Starter Kit

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    £199 Preston Lancashire More info

    Chicken Keeping Starter Kit

    Preston Lancashire

    You will also recieve 2 chickens of your choice from Cream Legbar, Welsummer, Warrren or Maran. You will also receive a 3kg feeder, 3ltr drinker and 1kg of...
    17/02/2014 in Preloved


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